Back in the Saddle

Kelly Dwyer, take a bow. Can you believe this guy? NBA news is slow, so he takes us through his DVD collection, and somehow it's great to read. I'm back in 2000 in my mind, wishing the Blazers had never said goodbye to Brian Shaw.

I got a lot of emails like that, TrueHoop readers saying things like: "Tell Kelly thanks a lot for mentioning David Wingate!" (I should mention David Wingate more often, I guess. People love that.)

As Kelly mentioned, I was off climbing Mt. McKinley. Very tough chore. And totally bogus. He was kidding! Even though some people who know me well emailed wondering how it was going and if I was being safe and all that. So, as long as we're exaggerating/lying/joking about my vacation, let me show you some home video from the last week. Nah, that's not me. I did surf a tad, although I certainly did not surf like that. You know, with all that skill and stuff. My surfing looks a lot more like this, and saying so is probably an insult to the rats.