Bogut trade bad for Knick playoff hopes

John Hollinger (Insider) on the Monta Ellis trade's effect on the East, where the Knicks are in a dogfight with the Bucks to make the playoffs.

Milwaukee has been playing well even without Andrew Bogut, and have now added some talent that may help secure a playoff spot:

The other big loser here are the New York Knicks, who are going to have a much tougher time keeping pace with Milwaukee for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference now that the Bucks have added both Ellis and, don't forget, a much-needed frontcourt defender in Udoh. The Bucks were already playing well, having won four of five -- the only defeat in that stretch came on a Derrick Rose buzzer-beater in Chicago.

They were doing this even while starting Tobias Harris and running Ilyasova and Gooden into the ground; now they have a coherent rotation with Udoh off the bench to spell the frontcourt starters, Ellis and Delfino starting on the wings, Mike Dunleavy backing them up, and Udrih filling in the gaps. When Mbah a Moute and Livingston are healthy, this will be one of the league's deepest teams and one capable of matching up big or small.