HoopsHype's Blog Directory

This is a must-see for any serious NBA fan: HoopsHype has created a directory of NBA blogs. There are several there that I haven't seen before (David Friedman, Fortress on Fourth, Clippers TopBuzz) and a few goodies missing (any list without Lang Whitaker is wanting). But it's a great resource; I hope they keep it updated.

Just clicking a few links, here are some things I found:

  • SLAM editor Russ Bengston on Larry Brown in New York: ."...unless he can bring half the Pistons along, why bother? It's like hiring Dale Earnhardt to drive your lawnmower."

  • Akron Beacon Journal writer Brian Windhorst throws out a new name in the "who's going to get Allan Houstoned?" (ie cut to save luxury tax) game: Adonal Foyle of the Golden State Warriors. "He's got a crazy deal for five more seasons and the Warriors will be into the tax in two years, I think, because Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, and Troy Murphy all have high-dollar deals that are only growing in value."

  • Clippers TopBuzz suggests the Clippers should break the big taboo trade Marko Jaric across town to the Lakers for Devean George and change.

  • Memphis sports broadcaster Eli Savoie laments the loss of Stromile Swift to the Rockets for nothing. He even goes so far as to say he'd rather have Stromile Swift than Pau Gasol.

  • T. Ziller at the SacKingsBlog has an early line on betting odds to win the 2006 NBA championship. The Kings are 40-1. The Pacers are 8-1, ahead of the Pistons who are 9-1. (That's the power of Ron Artest, I guess.)

Plenty more good stuff out there in the NBA blogosphere. It's worth a look.