Bob Kravitz on Shawne Williams

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz begs for understanding in the case of 21-year-old Shawne Williams. He's the Pacer I wrote about recently who was pulled over for a traffic violation that led to a mess of charges for Williams and his passengers:

He may be a kid, but Friday, he looked and sounded like an adult.

"I look at where I'm at now and where I was back then,'' he said the other day. "And I sure don't want to go back there.

I'm a pro ballplayer now and I've got to separate myself from some people because I know some of them are bringing trouble.

"You're around people 17, 18 years, that's all you know. A lot of them aren't doing the right things, but they're the ones who supported you. But now I've got to keep them away. I can still talk to them, but they've got to know, if they're doing wrong, it's my face showing up in the newspapers, and it's me and the team that's getting embarrassed. It's like coach Cal (Memphis' John Calipari) used to say, 'Just smile and say, hey.' "

Who thinks to stop and ask passengers if they're carrying a stolen firearm?

Williams does.

Now, he does.