Happy Festivus!

Posted by Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog.com

I'm Jeff and I'll be your blogger for today. Can I get you a drink or an appetizer? Some rolls will be out in a minute.

Let's start you off with a good old fashioned NBA Preview article (Is it that time already? More on that later).

Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty and AOL's Fanhouse takes a highly amusing look at the Atlantic Division, but doesn't post it on either of his two blogs. Instead he posts it on BallHype.com (the Digg, Facebook, YouTube, NBA mashup creation of Jason Gurney).

In case you got lost in all that, here's the link.

Incidently, why do all previews start in the East? Oh yeah, East coast bias. Even West coasters like Tom get pulled in.

Anyway, just for you Philly fans, here's his take on the Sixers:

But that doesn't mean Philadelphia should punch its playoff tickets. When things were looking up following the Allen Iverson trade last year, I warned you. You can have all the young talent and draft picks in the world -- but it doesn't mean a damn thing if Billy King is still calling the shots come June. Guess what? Billy King called the shots in June. And what happened in the absolutely stacked draft? King picked Thad Young at #12 (that will look brilliant in six years when he's making $10 million a year to give you 15/5) and a white power forward from Colorado (sorry, I think I just ran out of red flags) at #20.

Deciding to get funky with it, watch what King does next: He trades his #30 pick for Portland's #42 (?) and his #38 for Utah's #55 (?!). And #30 (Petteri Koponen) and #38 (Kyrylo Fesenko) were highly sought internationals who wouldn't have cost Philly a dime if they stashed them overseas. Meanwhile, King's bounty will cost the Sixers roughly $8 million (counting luxury tax) for the expected (and generous) total output of, say, 8 pts/4 rebs/1 ast. AWESOME. Forget the actual ramifications -- just try to find the logic behind the moves. He traded down a combined 29 spots for absolutely no reason (unless Louis Williams is secretly allergic to both Finns and Ukrainians). You trust him to get the right return for Andre Miller, or get Andre Iguodala locked up properly? (Oh yeah: Iggy, the one very worthwhile youngster King has had the past five years, doesn't have an extension yet. This from the general manager who made sure to lock up Willie Green long-term a year BEFORE he went restricted and a week AFTER he tore his ACL. And this was WILLIE GREEN.)