Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • Nike released a Greg Oden shirt that says "the legacy continues" on the back, and it confused some people. What legacy? He played one year of college, and didn't win a title. (Portland's legacy?) A few weeks later, Oden became the latest in a line of highly touted Blazer big men to get badly injured, and people who were wondering what that shirt meant got chills.

  • Ron Hitley of Hornets247 objects to some rankings of forwards that aren't friendly to Peja Stojakovic: "Corey Maggette ranked higher than Stojakovic? Danny Granger? Stephen Frickin' Jackson? None of those guys even have beards! And you're putting Mike Miller and Rudy Gay ahead of Peja, too? Dude, they played for the Grizzlies last season. The Grizzlies! They won like minus 14 games or something. Peja only played 13 games and he probably had more wins than those two guys. But it's cool, I see what you're doing. Someone's gotta keep us Hornets fans grounded."

  • Good luck getting your big contract extension by October 1, Baron Davis.

  • Mike Conley, Jr. can really dribble. (Via Beyond the Arc) NOW, watch that video again, and look for what is apparently an inflatable Ben Wallace in the background.

  • Deconstructing a chat on the Nets' website, and noticing that Ed Stefanski talks about the upcoming season without mentioning Jason Collins or Mile Ilic at all.

  • Lamar Odom: not totally healthy.

  • Mark Cuban is teaching generations of men to "churn the butter."

  • Quentin Richardson on an old episode of Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Phil Jasner of the Philadelphia Daily News interviews Billy King: "What's the status of Larry Brown, in his second season as executive vice president? King: "His responsibilities will be similar to those of [senior vice-president/assistant general manager] Tony DiLeo, which include a lot of the day-to-day stuff. He'll advise us on trades, be involved in college scouting, putting the team together, helping Maurice. Having Larry, Chris Ford and Gene Shue in the organization means taking many years of head coaching experience and using it to the best of our abilities." Brown is a Hall of Fame coach, and had an offer to join the Celtics as an assistant to Doc Rivers. Are you surprised he didn't take it? "Only Larry can say how close that came. But he wanted to be here. He talked to some colleges about being an assistant, too; he has a lot of friends in basketball who have reached out to him. He wants to coach again; he doesn't want his season in New York to be his last."

  • UPDATE: Mark Price as Memphis shooting coach.