Shawne, Shawne, Shawne

Remember, a while ago, the young Pacer was pulled over? And police said he didn't signal a lane change, didn't have a valid license, and wasn't displaying a current registration sticker? Then they found others in the car had marijuana and an allegedly stolen gun?

At that time I questioned his sense, while allowing that it wasn't the worst thing that ever happened.

This morning was Williams' big chance to explain to the judge that the license and registatrion things were some kind of mix-up (he was not charged with anything relating to the gun, nor the drugs). Williams only faces two traffic tickets and a misdemeanor charge for not having a license.

Well, Shawne Williams was AWOL from court this morning, mystifying not just the judge but even Williams' own lawyer. This is no way to convince the world you're coming around in the maturity department. The new date is for Monday, and Larry Bird is talking to the Indianapolis Star about walking Williams over personally.