KnickerBlogger Does a Larry Brown Analysis

Knickerblogger crunches the numbers and learns that Larry Brown is a defensive wizard. His teams don't tend to improve on offense, however. But who cares. This Knicks team needs defense in the worst way

The numbers also show that Herb Williams is not a good defensive coach. Terrible, in fact.

By the way, if I had to pick one thing as the hallmark of Larry Brown's teams, it would certainly be this: his teams know how to use their hands on defense.

I know, I know, good defense is all about moving your feet, positioning, staying on the floor, etc. But if you watch Coach Brown's teams, in addition to being good with their feet, they are incredibly active with their hands. My eighth grade coach would have benched me for that much slapping, poking, and grabbing.

Remember those stretches of the playoffs when the Pistons would get four of five steals in a row? The Sixers used to do that when he coached there, too. Somehow Larry Brown knows how to teach people to slap, claw, and poke at the ball without getting called for fouls. He's truly the master of that, and it makes it very tough to play against his teams.