Flop of the Night: Tony Parker

Tony ParkerChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Watch and learn.

Witness the majesty of Tony Parker, from Tuesday's Spurs win in Phoenix. It's such inspiring work -- we have named it our first-ever Flop of the Night.

Parker sprints around a screen along the left baseline and makes the mildest of contact with Jared Dudley's arm. After brushing by Dudley, Parker goes into full-on, cartoon-style, slipped-on-a-banana peel mode.

He then does a lovely job of making the older, wiser, more trustworthy facial expressions as Dudley, understandably, freaks out.

It gets better, as 48 Minutes of Hell blogger Graydon Gordian notes. "The Parker flop was great, by the way, but don't miss an additionally beautiful part of that play, which is Steve Nash's great but ineffective counter-flop. He wasn't the guy being flopped on, but he tried to flop/fall to prevent the flop call."

Truly brilliant gamesmanship that ends with two dynamic players rolling around on the ground, nowhere near the ball.

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