Shawne Williams Finally Makes it to Court, Sentenced to Community Service

Jon Murray of the Indianapolis Star reports that Shawne Williams' multi-faceted legal saga that began with a September 11 traffic stop has apparently, mercifully, drawn to a close:

Indiana Pacers forward Shawne Williams must do 40 hours of community service as a penalty for driving without ever having received a license, a Marion Superior Court judge said this afternoon.

Williams, 21, pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and received a fully suspended 60-day jail sentence. He must pay a $400 fine and $160 in court costs.
The hearing had been rescheduled after he failed to show Friday in Judge Linda E. Brown's courtroom, prompting team president Larry Bird to say he would escort Williams today if needed to avoid an arrest warrant. Bird was not at the hearing.

Williams told the judge he had no excuse. Outside court, David Wyser, the Marion County prosecutor's chief trial deputy, said he had been told Williams overslept Friday.

During today's hearing, Williams showed the judge a new driver's license.