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Every Friday we're serving up five of our favorite HoopIdeas by readers, for readers. Here's this week's pipin' hot batch including the reason we should care as much about first quarter scorers than fourth quarter scorers, comes from Twitter, email, and the wild world of NBA blogging. Take a look, and keep the ideas flowing!

  1. An end to tanking for playoff seeding. Let higher seeded playoff teams choose their opponent for the playoffs. So for example, the team with the best record in the conference chooses whomever they want to be their first round match-up. The team with the next best record, provided the highest team didn't choose to face them, would go next, and so on. This would happen again in the second round, but obviously would not be possible in the Conference Finals or the NBA Finals.

    Teams get rewarded for playing hard until the end, and also don't get screwed by match-up problems. It also prevents teams tanking to get to a certain seed. -- Ash Sullivan

  2. The last five minutes don't matter. You know that you only need to watch the last five minutes of an NBA game, right? Well, I thought that was true until Sunday. In the 2011-2012 NBA season, no team in the league has a winning record when trailing at the half. Again, no team in the NBA has a winning record this season when they head into the locker room trailing their opponent.

    That is the most unbelievable NBA stat I have heard in a long time. Here is where it gets really crazy: even the Bobcats and Nets close out opponents when they have a lead heading into the fourth! The Bobcats are 6-2 in those situations and the Nets have put 16 of their 20 leads on ice. -- Matt Scribbins on Magic Basketball

  3. A 30-team weighted lottery. These numbers aren't exact but it would be something like a 15 percent chance for the worst team, .04 percent for the best team and move incrementally from point A to point B. Obviously with the 30 teams the difference between 30 and 29 is going to be pretty small and therefore not worth doing the damage to your franchise, players, and fanbase that comes with intentionally losing games (hard to quantify but there is a real cost to it.)

    At the same time it gives the worst teams a significant advantage over the best teams to get good players (which believe it or not is important to those of us who root for small market teams.) Those who feel that better teams should have a chance at good draft picks as well will be appeased as these teams now do have a legitimate chance and each year a team or two with low odds would pull a top five draft pick. How exciting would waiting to see the full draft order being unveiled be? I'll answer: very.

    I really think this is the type of idea the NBA should move toward. It keeps the draft, which let's be honest, most fans like. Gives small market teams their chance to acquire top talent, and eliminates 98% of the benefit of tanking which is about the best you can do without eliminating the draft or going to a full 30 team unweighted lottery. -- Kevin Byrne

  4. Get those photographers away from the baseline! #HoopIdea Photographers have zoom lenses. Get them away from the baseline. Enough is enough. -- Zach Harper (@talkhoops) via Twitter

  5. Hockey style penalties for flopping. Hockey has or used to have a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for players who took a dive while trying to draw a penalty for tripping. Basketball could award a free throw and possession of the ball if the offensive player didn't score on the move in which there was an obvious flop in an attempt to draw a charge and when a blocking foul wasn't appropriate. -- Shawn Wash


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