Thursday Mini-Bullets

  • Golden State Warriors with some pretty darned nice dance moves. Ironically, they are dancing to Soulja Boy Tellem, the exact same artist who was previously identified by Dan Barto, and quoted by me, as "Soldier Boy." Whoops!

  • The Spurs' Brent Barry to ESPN's Marc Stein: "The whole subject of repeating is already getting repetitive."

  • More humor at DeShawn Stevenson's expense.

  • TrueHoop reader Michael with more game observations from last night's Boston vs. New York game: "Glen Davis likes to post up at the high elbow like Dirk Nowitzki. And that's where the comparison stops. ... When a Celtics guard or small forward gets the rebound, Rajon Rondo usually lets them push the ball up. If it's a big though, here's him asking (yelling) for the ball: "GEGEGEGEGEGEGEGEGE!!!!" Or sometimes "GETME GETME GETME!!!" If I was an opposing guard, I'd master that scream and try it out. You may get a free possession, worth a shot right? ... The way the Celtics beat the Knicks reminds me of Team USA dominating weak national teams. They did it all... outside shooting, post play, pick and rolls, screens, backdoor cuts, bench production, and reliable defense. Celtics fans have waited a very long time for this feeling. ... Not a person on the Knicks scored in double figures. They were 25.9% from the field!"

  • More bad Knick stats from Howard Beck's New York Times account of the same game: "Curry, playing for the first time after recovering from a shoulder injury, went 2 for 6 and finished with 7 points and 5 fouls. Randolph, sharing frontcourt space with Curry for the first time, went 3 for 12 from the field. And Jamal Crawford, now relegated to a third option, never found his touch in an 0-for-8 performance. 'We've got a lot of work to do,' Randolph said, and the Knicks will get right back to it Thursday night against the Nets. Thomas has repeatedly dismissed any concerns about integrating Curry and Randolph, two dominant big men who are used to being the focus of the offense. But something was clearly out of sync as the Knicks collected just 10 assists, against 14 turnovers."

  • Quentin Richardson is not happy about the way his team played.

  • If Phoenix hadn't sold those recent draft picks to Portland, they would be able to make a better offer for Kobe Bryant.

  • The Magic are banged up.

  • Dave D'Alessandro of the Star-Ledger: "Don't know about you, but we already feel sorry for Sean Williams, who makes his home debut tonight. One reason: 'I can't wait to see what the atmosphere is like in the Meadowlands Arena and everything!' he gushed this a.m. We immediately dragged him out of shootaround and took him to the local library, so that he could probably prepare for the experience."

  • This is getting more common: bloggers getting exclusive interviews with NBA players.