Flop of the Night: Dwyane Wade

HoopIdea wants to #StopTheFlop. To spotlight the biggest fakers, we present Flop of the Night. You can help us separate the pretenders from the defenders -- details below:

Miami's switching defense leverages the ability of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to defend multiple positions. Early in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night's game against the Celtics, Wade gets stuck defending Brandon Bass in the post, and rather than hold his ground, decides to play for the flop.

It's important to point out that Bass shouldn't be allowed to just bull through Wade. A shoulder to the chest should be an offensive foul. But that's not what happens here. In this case, Wade appears to play with the intent to flop at the earliest opportunity and goes down before the fight even really gets intense. When the flop fails, Wade still manages to show off his insane athleticism by popping up off the floor in time to contest the shot. Maybe that should have been Plan A.

Nice job by the official on the scene, who holds his whistle as Bass spins and knocks down the 12-footer.

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