Five for Friday

Each Friday we're fricasseeing some fresh HoopIdeas and serving them up to you. The idea leading this five is one of my favorites, and came to us via Twitter. Which reminds me, why don't you follow us on Twitter and join the HoopIdea conversation?

Without further ado, here are five readers with fascinating HoopIdeas:

  1. Make flops a recorded statistic. Put flops in the box score and make players decide if they really want to be famous for it. #hoopidea -- Everett Barr-Hertel (@Barrec) via Twitter

  2. Instrument the heck out of the game. Transponders and locators on shoes, uniforms, the ball, the hoop, the backboard, the out-of-bounds lines, everything. I'd still have referees call the game, but maybe certain violations would be called automatically (like the cyclops in tennis). I want to be able to implement my "unifying statistics" idea. -- Brian Tung

  3. New statistic: Points Created. I just want to see a "points created" stat rather than the assist. Tells a better tale. "Possible points created" is the more advanced version, so it could read "23/45" when accounting for made and missed FGs and FTs -- David Thorpe (@coachthorpe) via Twitter

  4. Eliminate max contract restrictions. Why is there a maximum salary? If Cleveland wants to keep LeBron James, they can pay him $30 million a season. $40 million. $50 million. Isn't that what he's worth to that franchise? Miami couldn't have matched that, because they'd already be paying Dwyane Wade $35 million. With the salary cap in place, this would help prevent "super teams", it would help teams keep their marquee free agents, and would allow teams to pay superstar players more in line with what they're really worth. True, it would create a salary disparity between the superstar and the other players, and that may lead to superstars running the franchise. Doesn't that happen already? -- Jeff Fetzer

  5. Worst two teams pick third and fourth. If you want teams to stop tanking, you need a little punitive incentive not to tank. So keep the current system with every team in the lottery getting a chance based on their record to land a top three pick. However, you make one modification: The two worst records get no chance to move into the top 3 of the draft and pick fourth and fifth. Period. All other teams in the lottery get odds based on their record for the top 3 picks like today. Since most drafts only hold 1-2 sure things at the top of the draft, those bottom two teams would desperately try to win enough to get that third spot -- which makes the four teams above them try to win to stay ahead of them. which pushes the teams above them, etc. Ergo, the end of tanking. -- Ryan Schwan on Hornets 24/7


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