Etan Thomas Talks Heart Surgery

On RealGM, Etan Thomas goes into detail about his condition and recovery from recent heart surgery. He is about to finish his next book, and he has a lot going on.

One thing I hadn't known before: doctors had been monitoring his heart condition for years.

He also writes:

In times like these, you find out quickly who really cares about you and who could care less. People from all around the league were calling me, wishing me well. Guys that I didn't even know really liked me. But the main guy from the league who has helped me through this is Ronny Turiaf, who went through a similar ordeal.

Kwame Brown, who is a close friend of mine, put me in touch with Ronny, and that was the best thing he could have done. I asked Ronny so many questions and he gladly answered all of them. After awhile I thought that maybe I was asking him too much. I didn't want to talk the man's ear off, and my wife always accuses me of being long winded, but he was absolutely great. Checking on me to see how I was doing, and telling me some of the things to expect that the doctors may have left out. I just sent him a text this past Friday while I was watching them play Seattle. He was playing great. I even saw one time where he snatched off his chest protector and threw it. It's real encouraging to see him playing like that. He would always tell me to relax, that I will be back to my old self, probably feeling better, but the hardest thing now is patience.

That's the warm and fuzzy part of the talk. There's also some pretty pointed media criticism, in which Thomas attacks various news organizations for how they covered news of his condition.

Ivan Carter at the Washington Post took offense, and countered with a pretty serious and detailed blog post. I 100% agree with Carter's main point -- if you're going to rip someone, get your facts straight. But must we deliver the media ethics talk to the heart surgery patient right now? Is the cards and flowers phase over so soon?