Antoine Walker on Pat Riley's Obsession with Body Fat

Mike Trudell of the Timberwolves official website quotes Antoine Walker on a number of topics. Walker gives regular athlete answers about being in Minnesota ("sky's the limit"), says that he is in great shape right now, and talks a little about how things went down in Miami:

On his conditioning:
Great. I've been fine. I never missed a practice from day one. I was there every day.

On what coach Pat Riley was saying:
Coach has rules. He has numbers, no matter who you are. We get weighed and (tested for) body fat every week, and if you're not on your number, he believes that you're not in shape. Everybody has his number to reach. He wanted me to be at a body fat number on opening day, and I wasn't there, so he was mad at me for that. It was nothing for me to respond to. I'm healthy, I'm playing, but I understand that. That's been coach's rule since he got there. Why everyone went public that I didn't make my number? I don't know.

On how many times Shaq made his number:
(Laughs) I don't know. That's just one of the things with Coach Riley. He's a big guy on that, and it's just something you have to deal with when you play for him.