Delonte West goes all kindergarten on Gordon Hayward's ear

Jeff Caplan of ESPNDallas has the story behind one of the oddest plays of the year, which you can see on video, where Delonte West goes well out of his way, in a dead ball moment, to stick a pointer in an opponent's ear:

Delonte West joked that he was only trying to get some lint out of Gordon Hayward's hair and then West said he was actually going in to deliver a Wet Willie. When a reporter asked if it was actually a "West Willie," the Mavericks guard couldn't back from cracking a smile.

West said there's no hard feelings toward the Utah Jazz forward after West lost his cool late in the second quarter. West aggressively and unnecessarily flung his arm at Hayward well away from the ball to pick up his third foul with 3:40 to go in the first half. After the whistle, West followed Hayward and suddenly poked his index finger in the vicinity of Hayward's ear.

None of the three referees initially saw the strange jab, but the crowd sure did and it went berserk. The refs then conferred and went to the video replay, after which they called a technical foul on West. He said the unorthodox poke straight from the script of The Three Stooges -- which West might or might not have taken in during this road trip -- was nothing more than a heat-of-the-battle moment.

"We're two warriors, man, we're out there battling on the battlefield," West said. "I forgot, the NBA is a gentleman's game so we've got to fight and scrap and do it nicely.