Better than an Athlete with His Own Blog ...

... Is an athlete with his own team of bloggers.

See, Greg Oden, Mike Conley and Baron Davis are learning that blogging is a lot of work. I admire them for posting as much as they do.

But those big shots should really take a page of out of Kendrick Perkins' savvy veteran bag of tricks.

Yes, I just wrote that.

See, Perk has a beautiful thing going. Some Boston fans started a blog called PerkisaBeast, and they take care of the work for him on his days when he doesn't feel like doing anything. Then, when he does feel like setting the record straight, they come to him, free of charge, and he dispenses the wisdom, which they type up and publish.

The downside is that he has no control over the final product. But the upside is that it's free, and updated all the time whether he's thinking about it or not.

Part one of their latest interview is up now, and even includes some insight. For instance, everyone has been talking about how the big three Celtics will end up wanting more touches than they can get. But Perkins tells his personal bloggers that the opposite has been true, so far:

The only problem right now is that everybody is trying to play too unselfishly. Like, everybody is trying to look for everybody, and make sure everybody gets shots instead of just playing their games and being aggressive. So, you know Doc's been on them about it, but, its startin' to come. You can see guys starting to be more aggressive, starting to take their shots, so, come Friday we'll see what's really happenin'.