Friday Bullets

  • Some local Seattle people are offering to buy the Sonics. One of the investors is a guy who made a fair amount of money as a minority investor in the Sonics under Howard Schultz. If he wanted the team, why'd he sell? Meanwhile, Sonic fans at the game reportedly chanted "Save Our Sonics."

  • Wizznutzz puts together a wicked season preview. (Highlight of the Knicks' season: great subway access.) My favorite line is about Yi Jianlian: "Bucks fans have been disappointed with Yi's tentative play in the post. But really folks, if you got your center from China, you got to expect a little lead in the paint!" It only gets crazier from there.

  • Michael Wilbon would not give up Gilbert Arenas to get Kobe Bryant. I would!

  • Highlights! Kevin Durant staring into the Suns. Tracy McGrady exacting revenge from Utah. Tayshaun Prince auditioning as a leading man. Actually, did you watch Detroit vs. Miami? It occurred tome that it is a perfect set up for Dwyane Wade to win the MVP. Without him, the Heat look, frankly, terrible. But at some point Wade will ride in and save everybody, and there will be no choice for sportswriters but to give him serious consideration.

  • Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen talks Kobe Bryant with Gilbert Arenas: "'I've never seen [Michael] Jordan act like that. I didn't even see AI [Allen Iverson], when he was going through them bad days, you know? They were always talking about trading him, and he was like, 'If they trade me, they trade me; if they don't, they don't; but this is my city.' And I don't understand how Kobe doesn't feel that about L.A. -- it's his city.' According to a fellow All-Star, then, Bryant is wrong to think he would be better off elsewhere. 'With the Lakers, he's always going to have the opportunity to attract players. A free agent is willing to go to a Laker uniform. Everybody wants to go to L.A. -- KG would want to go there,' Arenas said of Kevin Garnett. 'Jason Kidd would want to go there. Jason Kidd is up next season, right? He's a free agent [in 2009]. Why don't you wait? Maybe he'll just come over there. You never know.'"

  • A while ago the NBA put together the 60 greatest moments in playoff history. Here's video of ten of the best all in one place.

  • Sam Mitchell praises Carlos Delfino. Delfino had been a leading candidate to be in Mitchell's dog house, but so far Mitchell is impressed.

  • Armed robber takes, among other things, Magic Johnson's name. (Via Deadspin)

  • Seattle fans are calling David Stern in large numbers.

  • Dean Oliver's book "Basketball on Paper" briefly summarized.

  • The Warriors are going to have some free agents to deal with next summer. Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle writes: "By holding firm on every negotiation he's handled in the last five months, Mullin essentially set himself up to be the busiest of any NBA executive next summer. Aside from the Warriors' rookies, only two players, Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington, are guaranteed to be back. Everyone else, including Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Matt Barnes, Mickael Pietrus, Kelenna Azubuike and Biedrins, has a contract that expires or can be terminated at the end of the season. Mullin said re-signing Biedrins will be a 'major' priority when free agency begins July 1, and the Warriors plan to make it clear that they will match any offers the restricted free agent receives. Asked if he could see any scenario in which Biedrins would not be back, Mullin issued an emphatic 'no.'"

  • In the D-League draft, the Bakersfield Jam reportedly just didn't make their first-round pick in the 90 seconds alloted, so they missed their first-round pick entirely. They were given a make-up pick later in the draft.

  • David Berri of the Wages of Wins on how the box score can tell you a lot about how good someone like Shane Battier is, if you know how to read it. Basically, he's saying that efficient shooting is huge.

  • Jazz fan Joseph writes that "Watching T-mac pick apart my team yesterday, every single dang time we made a run, was like watching this (PG-13) movie. It makes your head explode."

  • Oh man do I ever wish I were in the Baron Davis book club.

  • Greg Oden really wants to play.

  • How's the city of New Orleans doing? Another update, this one from Blazers.com's Mike Barrett: "I was surprised that the area around our hotel looks as good as it does, and even Bourbon Street looks better than ever. Of course, that's where the tourists come, and that's this city's biggest industry, so it has received the most attention. One man told me the bulk of the city's police force just circles this area, keeping the tourists safe. The locals working at our hotel warned not to wander around much though, especially after dark. 'Stay on Bourbon Street,' they said, and 'when the neon stops, don't go another block.' The murder rate here is off the charts (seven times the national average). The players were advised to not leave the hotel at all, and if they did, not to go far. Nate McMillan told the players to grab a quick dinner and be back in their rooms no later than 11, and he never talks of curfews."