Five for Friday

Each week we receive hundreds of messages through e-mail, Twitter and Google+ containing HoopIdeas ranging from interesting to insane. On Fridays, we bring you five of our favorites. This week's batch includes some ideas to discourage tanking, and an interesting take on traditional statistics that might be of use to Fantasy Basketball players. Enjoy!

  1. Help fans embrace tanking. "First 1,000 fans in the arena get a team t-shirt ... for the opposing team. #FansCanLoveTanking" -- Jeremy Hornik (@JeremyHornik) via Twitter

  2. New stat for fantasy players. "I would like to see a supplementary stat to support average/ppg that leverages standard deviation. ... Take two players in the NBA that play roughly the same position, minutes, and average the same high amount points per game over the season and you'll find, for instance, that Dwyane Wade is a much more consistent scorer than Carmelo Anthony. Production per game is equal on paper, but you can bank on Wade to give you a consistent nightly production." -Marc Broad

  3. End "hack-a-___" tactics. #HoopIdea All off-ball fouls result in shots plus the ball. No more hack-a-whoever. -- Jared Dubin (@JADubin5) via Twitter

  4. Eliminate protected picks. "While we rip the Warriors ... it is no coincidence that the starkest tanking might be happening on behalf of a No. 7 pick, as opposed to say, a possible No.1 pick. This is because Golden State's draft selection is protected, meaning they lose it if their pick falls below seventh in lotto selection. And if the Warriors finish "better" than seventh worst, that loss is all but assured. As the seventh worst team, the Warriors have a 75 percent chance of keeping their pick. As the eighth worst team, they have a 90 percent chance of losing it. The top of the draft is more random than latter stages, which is another way of saying that the lottery gets more predictable as it winds down. The third worst team has a much better chance of drawing above the third pick (31.33 percent) than the eighth worst team has of drawing above the eighth pick (10 percent). So when picks are protected, especially in the late lottery, the impetus begs certain squads to tank. All of this makes me wonder: Why is pick protection even legal? Why not excise this practice?" -- Ethan Sherwood Strauss on Court Vision

  5. No lottery loiterers. Teams get a max of six or seven record-weighted lottery picks per decade. Ten slots per lottery. -- @TheGreatIgnarus via Twitter


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