Fixing the Knicks Without Trades

The fact that this article even exists -- let alone sounds convincing -- is something James Dolan must note in his ongoing internal debate about whether or not to keep Isiah Thomas.

Mike Moreau, who works with David Thorpe at the Pro Training Center at IMG, wrote an article about the Knicks for Hoopsworld, imagining he were talking to the team. Here's one key part:

Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph: You cannot be on the floor together. This is a bad offensive scheme -- it is not your fault. We need one of you on each unit and can interchange you throughout the game. Whoever has it going the best that night will be the guy on the floor down the stretch in the fourth quarter.

Zach: You are going to be the anchor of the second unit. Your attitude, effort and behavior last night in the Garden was a disgusting display of disrespect to our fans. You have a lot of making up to do to them. In order to learn to handle this assignment of coming off the bench, here is Manu Ginobili's cell number: 1-800-BE-A-PRO.

Eddy: This is your opportunity to be the consistent, dominant post player you have the ability to be. We won't just dump it in and stand around like we have been. We will create more action around you to give you more room to work. We question your commitment to being great. This is your chance to prove us wrong.

You guys are both overweight -- this is your fault. Both of you need to lose those five bags of sugar you are carrying around in your uniforms. You will room together on the road with our new assistant coaches: Jared Fogle and Clay Henry from Subway.

Of course, proposing to get production out of guys like Jared Jeffries, Stephon Marbury, and Quentin Richardson is easier said than done. (An assessment of how they have done so far.) But Moreau has some notions about what could make it so. And I'm certain that Jamal Crawford is not best used standing still in the corner watching.

There are some comments on the Hoopsworld post, and one of my favorites is "now fix the Bulls."