Knicks don't share, get burned inside

In recording their 12th straight playoff loss - tying the NBA record set by the Memphis Grizzlies from 2004 to 2006 - the New York Knicks couldn't match the assists of the Miami Heat and got burned by the Heat inside.

The Knicks had just 15 assists on their 38 field goals, a rate of 39.5 percent. That's their second-lowest assist percentage in a game this season, behind only 36.8 percent on April 3 at the Indiana Pacers.

The Heat made the same number of field goals on Monday, but assisted on 28 of them (73.7 percent).

Meanwhile, LeBron James was 6-6 and Dwyane Wade was 7-9 when shooting inside 5 feet of the basket in Game 2 against the Knicks. As a team the Heat shot 80 percent from such distances, tying their second-best rate of the season.

Heat Highest FG Pct Inside 5 Feet

This Regular Season and Postseason

For the series, the Knicks have actually taken 15 more field goal attempts than the Heat inside 5 feet of the basket. But the Knicks are shooting just 55.3 percent on such attempts while the Heat are shooting 71.9 percent.

After a slow start in Game 1, Carmelo Anthony got off to a hotter start but that wasn't enough to change his team's finish. Anthony made his first two field goal attempts of Game 2, both within the first three minutes of the game. In Game 1, Anthony didn't make his first field goal until 2:06 of the second quarter - and didn't make his second until 7:46 of the third quarter.

Carmelo Anthony


He finished with 30 points, the 15th time in his playoff career that Anthony scored at least 30 points. But his team has a 6-9 record in those games.

One thing to keep an eye on in this series is the free throw discrepency. Through the first seven quarters of the Knicks-Heat series, LeBron James had taken 21 free throws. The entire Knicks team had taken 23. In that span, the Heat took 33 more free throws than the Knicks.

The Knicks averaged 24.8 free throw attempts per game in the regular season, but are averaging just 15 in the first two games against the Heat. Just three players have gotten to the line, and all but one free throw was attempted by either Anthony or Amar'e Stoudemire. Tyson Chandler (and his one free--throw attempt) is the only other Knicks player to shoot a free throw.

The Heat have taken twice as many free throws in the series, with eight players attempting at least one free throw.