Thursday Bullets

Posted by Brian Windhorst

  • Now Isiah Thomas is saying he doesn't know if Stephon Marbury will be coming back to the Knicks. You have to respect a man who is dealing with the loss of a family member. But at some point doesn't it become clear that Marbury is using it as a tool to force his way out of the organization? Something's seems amiss in all this, doesn't it?

  • The D.C. Sports Bog tells us about the Rookie Rumble, an apparent faux boxing match between Washington Wizards rookies Dominic McGuire and Nick Young. Hmmm, I guess this is in the welterweight division. The question is, does the winner have to step up to the heavyweight division and fight the Wizards' champ? Which Etan Thomas and everybody else knows is Brendan Haywood.

  • This is hard to believe, but I guess Ray Allen is actually upset the Sonics traded him to Boston. Or maybe he just wants a reason to try and drop 40 in KeyArena tonight.

  • Forum Blue and Gold is telling the world the Lakers defense is making the difference this season.

  • AOL Fanhouse smells some trouble in Phoenix between Mike D'Antoni and new general manager Steve Kerr. If I were D'Antoni, who probably wanted to be the GM by himself anyway, I'd tell my owner and my GM to stop giving away all my players and selling all my draft picks. But that's just me.

  • TrueHoop reader Todd says he was nearly blinded by Kevin Durant's neon yellow shoes the other night at the Rose Garden...and he was in the upper deck. My reaction is this: wow, if there are people sitting in the upper deck again in Portland the Blazers must really be back!

  • Henry e-mailed me about this at 4 a.m. today, which makes me wonder what he's doing on his vacation. This amazing video doesn't have anything to do with basketball, but a lot to do with shooting.