It Ain't the A-League

D-League stud Rod Benson, writing on the Yahoo Experts Blog, about clubbing in Los Angeles:

I showed up at a club called Goa with intentions to get a table. I figured I didn't need to know anyone if I got a table. I mean heck, it's money they want and I was prepared to give it to them because I can't party like that in Bismarck. I walked over to the woman who was assigning tables and asked her what was up. She told me that there was a two bottle minimum. Mayyybe I would have been cool with that if there weren't three of us, but I wasn't really. Before I could even reply to her (I guess she read my body language), she asked me if I played pro basketball.

"Yeah, I play," I told her.

"O.K., for who?" she asked again.

The answer to such a question would obviously make or break me. It was way to much pressure for the moment. I crumbled.

"I'm, uhh, actually ... I play for the Dakota minor league NBA team. Umm, are you familiar with the D-League?"

"Ooookaayyy. I'll be right back," she muttered as she walked away.

She never came back.