Life as a Warrior

C.J. Watson has been a breath of fresh air for the Golden State Warriors since his D-League call-up.

He is also a breath of fresh air in the NBA blogosphere, where he has quickly moved into second, behind Gilbert Arenas, in terms of most honest NBA blog -- or blog that gives you a sense what it's actually like to play in the NBA.

Watch your back, Gilbert. If Watson sticks in the League, you're going to have company, and I'm loving it.

Watson's blog is on DraftExpress, and in his very first post about life in the NBA, he gets right into describing the oddities of his new coach.

I have to say, the NBA life is something I can get used to. The charter flights, the chef before and after practice, the per diem every road trip, the traveling seeing different cities and meeting different people, and oh yeah, the basketball-- the best part of all.

In my first NBA debut against the red hot Portland Trailblazers, I was excited. I finally made it to this big stage, and when the coach called me to go in, I was shocked and overzealous at the same time. I didn't know any plays, but in Coach Nelson's system you don't have to. They don't run any plays. They just get the ball and go. My first shot I missed-- I wasn't used to coming off the bench, so I didn't have my legs under me, but hey, no excuses.

One thing that shocked me was during a timeout Coach Nelson doesn't say nothing. He just sits there and rubs his head and will occasionally draw up a play every now and then. When you have been in the league as long as he has, and accomplished the things he has at a high level, you shouldn't have to. I asked one of the players "why he doesn't talk during timeouts?" They said he just doesn't. They were like "if that shocks you about this team, then you are in for a bunch more surprises and weird things."

UPDATE: Watson just signed a second 10-day contract with the Warriors.