Perspective from Oklahoma City

TrueHoop reader Jason is from Oklahoma City and is a huge NBA fan. He would love to have a team, and has been thinking about it a lot.
Here's his interesting take on the situation:

Clay Bennett got in a hurry and bought the wrong team.

If he had been patient, he could have tried to pry away the Hornets from Shinn next year (when they can't complete their lease agreement due to a lack of attendance). Or he could have bought the Sonics when David Stern would have been fed with the ownership and the city.

Now, Bennett has put himself in a bad situation, and a difficult situation for Stern. If he would have waited, he could have at least been the hero in one situation (taking the Hornets out of Shinn's hands and helping that franchise to survive in a new place) or a least an opportunistic business man in the other.

Bennett acted too early and now no matter what happens, he'll look like the bad guy. As for OKC, I really hope we get a team, but I'm not holding out. I think the Kansas City arena is pretty incredible and they seem more like a big league city than we do (see the Royals and Chiefs).

I think Seattle and Stern will get things figured out. I think Bennett acted too early. I'm trying to just soak in how awesome it was to have the Hornets for a while, and get a chance to tell my kid that I really did get to watch Chris Paul up close when he was a rookie.