Nene's Tumor: Malignant

The Brazilian magazine Epoca has reported, and the Denver Nuggets have confirmed, that the tumor recently removed from the right testicle of their power forward Nene was indeed malignant.

The Epoca article is based on a lengthy interview with the doctor who performed the procedure, Fernando Kim. Dr. Kim further explains that the cancerous tumor was caught early. There is no evidence that the cancer had spread, and the likelihood of recurrence, he says, is small after a successful procedure to remove the cancerous testicle.

Further, the doctor adds that the player is recovering extremely well both physically and mentally. The doctor does not speculate about when Nene might be able to return, although normal recovery from this procedure is said to be two months.

The Brazilian article, by Andre Fontenelle, says the tumor was first detected by a routine league-mandated drug test, which reportedly showed the abnormal presence of a hormone that is normally found in pregnant women. In men that hormone can be the marker of a tumor.