Friday Bullets

  • The Knicks are just terrible in the first quarter. Not so bad after that, though. Weird.

  • A point guard's career can start like Sebastian Telfair's has and end well. Really.

  • The Suns are likely going to play a preseason game outside, in the Palm Springs neighborhood of their COO.

  • Chris Kaman could conceivably play alongside Dirk Nowitzki on the German National team, which would probably be fun for him. But he's not all that German (his great grandparents were reportedly German), and worries he'd be seen to be cheating on the U.S.A.

  • Steve Luhm of The Salt Lake Tribune: "After a leisurely one-game-in-six-nights stretch, Utah plays Western Conference opponents Sacramento (Friday), Houston (Sunday) and San Antonio (Monday). In the next 100 hours, the Jazz could have a pretty good idea what's in store for them during the season half of the season."

  • Remember a while ago I linked to a post about how Brandon Roy might, conceivably, make the All-Star team despite long odds? The first factor was that Allen Iverson had to pass Tracy McGrady in All-Star voting -- because if he was not a starter, McGrady would likely not make the team at all (and has since said he would likely not play even if he makes it). Step one has been accomplished as Iverson was voted to that starter spot. It's still no cakewalk, as Roy is vying against deserving candidates like Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Baron Davis, Shawn Marion, Deron Williams, and Chris Kaman.

  • Separated at birth: Reggie Miller and Barack Obama. Skinny and light-skinned: check. Everything else: not so check. (Via Odenized)

  • Another day. Another adoring article about the Blazers in the national media.

  • Peter Finney of The Times-Picayune: "Ask Jeff Bower about the man moving the pieces on his up-tempo chess board, and he's happy to give you his take on Byron Scott. 'Byron's great getting players to understand their roles. He has a way of selling players to play to their strengths. He's the kind of motivator who keeps pushing, who can sell players on the idea they should expect more of themselves on the court. Some guys have potential they don't realize they have. Byron's the kind who can make them find it. ... He's got a group on the same page with the coach, with a shared interest in doing the job. It shows up on the court. Are we looking for more 'pieces' to the puzzle? In this game, you always are.'"

  • Episode three of watching "The Wire" with actual criminals. Spoiler alert ...

  • Indictments in the shooting death of former Piston Howard Porter.

  • Mayor Kevin Johnson?

  • The Heat played one of their best games of the year, and lost to the Spurs nonetheless.

  • Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune: "Tonight, the Wolves face Kevin Garnett in a Boston uniform for the first time in a game that counts. Thirteen years of mismanagement left the Wolves with no choice but to trade Garnett last summer. The beautiful basketball exhibited by the Celtics this season proves again that, with the right people around him, he can be the world's greatest complementary player."

  • Brian Berger thinks NBA fans do not vote well for All-Stars. I guess I see his point, but this argument was much stronger when Grant Hill was voted a started without even playing. Also, I think every election is, in the end, a popularity contest, which is different from a competence contest.

  • Aaron J. Lopez of the Rocky Mountain News on good times in Denver, a team that will feature two All-Star starters: "For a generation of Nuggets fans who appreciated Alex English's innate scoring ability and Fat Lever's all-around talent, the 2008 NBA All-Star Game might provide a sense of nostalgia. Twenty years after English and Lever started together for the Western Conference All-Star team, the current faces of the franchise are poised to represent Denver side by side. Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson gave another generation of Nuggets fans something to crow about Thursday when they were named as Western Conference starters for the Feb. 16 All-Star Game in New Orleans."

  • UPDATE: Remember when Herb Kohl said that for all the money he was asked to pay Glenn Robinson, he might as well just give him the team? Shaquille O'Neal might have that kind of conversation with whoever owns his corner gas station. At the volume he's buying, don't buy a tank of gas, Shaq, buy the whole station.

  • UPDATE: A big fat roundup of Chris Webber news.