Friday Bullets

  • Clay Bennett's explains why Oklahoma City and its various taxpayers and businesses would want to give him and his co-owners the sweetest of sweetheart deals on an arena, naming rights, etc. It'll be good for the city! This from a guy whose lawyers have filed papers in Washington saying that the Sonics' departure would have zero economic impact in Seattle. And, a note about his lawyers.

  • Kevin Pelton does a solid clinical job of dissecting the gifts of Brandon Roy. He talks a lot about balance. Which points to something I have had a hard time putting into words, but is essentially along these lines: take a good Pilates or yoga class, and you will hear a lot about core and posture. They want you to use certain core abdominal muscles to hold your torso upright, which makes your shoulders fall back and puts your head nicely upright. Babies and toddlers do this naturally. If you know what I'm talking about, try it now. You'll find your shoulders relaxed, your weight nicely distributed. And, I swear it's true, you'll find that you walk with the body posture of ... Brandon Roy. He walks like that. I suspect that has something to do with the balance Pelton talks about, and his ability to be in command of his body as he dashes all over the court.

  • An amazing collection of ads, or at least ad concepts. Some are PG-13. (Via Kottke). More than one of them dramatically portray these upcoming Olympics as tyrannical.

  • As a TrueHoop reader in the Bay Area pointed out, the Warriors play so well when they feel slighted. And they feel slighted.

  • Joe Johnson is not an All-Star, says David Berri of the Wages of Wins.

  • Micheal Heisley, owner of the Grizzlies, had reportedly been trying to raise money for a fund to invest in things that have nothing to do with basketball and that are explained here. He wasn't having a lot of luck, and has now given that up. Probably has nothing to do with the present fire sale by the Grizzlies, but interesting nonetheless.

  • Basketbawful on Amare Stoudemire last night (video): "He couldn't keep Tim Duncan off the glass (TD had 17 rebounds). But even worse, he missed four freethrows in the fourth quarter, the last of which would have tied the game with 15.6 seconds left. Instead, the Suns were forced to foul and that was pretty much Game Over. Look, Amare, everybody knows you want to be The Man in Phoenix. Well, part of that is hitting your foul shots. I mean, vicious dunks are nice, high-percentage shots, and they'll get you on SportsCenter, but blocking out and hitting clutch freethrows wins games."

  • Howard Beck of The New York Times quotes an anonymous Knick, watching the Blazers: "Not long ago, one of them marveled at how, simply by watching the Blazers play, it was clear how much they cared for one another. It was evident in the way they covered for each other on defense and kept the ball moving on offense. The Knicks do like each other, the player clarified. It is the caring part that is missing."

  • More numbers assessing Jason Kidd right now, pointing out that his teams were once among the best, defensively, in the league, but have been slipping to the back of the pack in the last couple of years.

  • Chris Kaman is getting more German by the minute.

  • A singer-songwriter weighs in on the sports rivalry between New York and Boston.

  • Meet the Dunk-o-Meter.

  • Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic: "Suns leading scorers Steve Nash and AmarĂ© Stoudemire are bound for the Big Easy for NBA All-Star Weekend, but fellow captain Shawn Marion will be taking it easy on a beach. 'Oh, well, I'm an All-Star every year,' Marion said. 'You know that. I don't even have to say that. ... Honestly, I'm not even thinking about it no more. It's done. Oh well. I know what I go out and do for this team. ... It's always an honor and an accomplishment. But at the same time, (expletive) happens.'"

  • Other NBA mascots fill in for Eric McMahon, who normally wears the Grizz costume to work, but is fighting lymphoma.

  • Craig Morgan of the East Valley Tribune: "The hysteria was deafening. The pressure palpable. Thursday at US Airways Center, Horry could have lit a match and blown up this 8 1/2-month-old grudge -- given the city a chance to vent. Instead, he sat in street clothes on the bench while Ime Udoka absorbed scattered boos from the more sight-challenged Suns fans in attendance."

  • Michael Grange of the Globe and Mail: "Jason Kapono has begun ramping it up to defend his three-point shooting title. The Raptors had some racks out for him after practice and he was running through them with music going and time counting down and everything. Ummm, he's got to be the early favourite, as he knocked down 24-of-25 on one cycle, making 21 straight, I think, missing one and then recovering make the rest of the rack including the money ball. That is some good shooting."

  • Cool list of how many technical fouls each team has. Boston leads the league. Toronto brings up the rear.