Friday Bullets

  • Tom Haberstroh (Insider) details how a few already good teams could end up with Dwight Howard. This Clippers deal is intriguing: "The Deal: Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Mo Williams, Ryan Gomes and Eric Bledsoe to Orlando for Dwight Howard Hedo Turkoglu and J.J. Redick. Now, this would be the real Lob City. And this would also infuriate their co-habitants of Staples Center, the Los Angeles Lakers. If Clippers decision-maker Neil Olshey could somehow turn Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon into Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, the executive of the year trophy should just be a bronze mini-sculpture of Olshey grinning on the phone. It would also be quite a haul for the Magic. They get one of the top young big men in the league in Griffin, their point guard of the future in Bledsoe and some veteran pieces to fill out a playoff roster."

  • On HoopSpeak Live, SI's Lee Jacobs describes a conversation with Scott Brooks: "I talked to Scott Brooks a little bit about [half court execution], that he can't even get guys to stand in the corner. They're all a few years removed from high school and they want to be around the ball all the time."

  • This is becoming the norm in the NBA: just because two guys happen to play the same position doesn't mean they'll spend much time guarding each other.

  • Why can't the Celtics hit a layup?

  • Remember seeing OKC's Derek Fisher switched onto San Antonio's Tiago Splitter a couple times in Game 3? That was by design. SI's Zach Lowe details that tactic and other adjustments made by Scott Brooks and crew.

  • Be sure to read David Thorpe's Postseason MVP rankings for this week (Insider), there's a new leader.

  • Wizards blogger Kyle Weidie thinks Randy Wittman earned the opportunity to coach the Wizards for a full season.

  • Bret LaGree reviews Larry Drew's season on Hoopinion. He gives Drew a glowing review for the regular season, but takes issue with his work in the playoffs: "To be sure, Larry Drew drew a bad hand for the playoff series but he played that hand poorly. He willingly rested his few above average and healthy players en masse for the first three games of the series, with disastrous results. He too often tried to defend Kevin Garnett with either Jason Collins or Marvin Williams. The former (from Game 2 onward) couldn't cover Garnett in space, the latter couldn't handle him on the post. He repeatedly allowed the team to go away from what was working (usually Jeff Teague in a two-man game with either Smith or Horford) to Joe Johnson dribbling toward an empty possession."

  • A tribute to the Spurs fantastic 20-game winning streak.

  • A mock draft that mocks expected draft picks.

  • If the Golden State Warriors have made strides as a franchise, they should be able to bring out the potential of an unpolished draft pick the way the Spurs (Kawhi Leonard) or Celtics (Avery Bradley) have.

  • Sacramento mayor Kevin Johson is still working on building a new arena and staying in touch with David Stern.

  • Royce Young of Daily Thunder on Gregg Popovich's performance in Game 3: "If Gregg Popovich wasn’t Gregg Popovich, I think a lot of people might be blasting him for this game. I thought he coached it horribly. As OKC made major adjustments, the Spurs seemed lost in their own system. Pop waited way too long to insert Manu Ginobili in the second half, dusted off James Anderson really randomly and didn’t pull the trigger on anything. Granted, he’s Pop and you get away with stuff when you have four shiny things on your fingers, but I don’t think Game 3 was his finest 48."

  • Grading Pau Gasol's season.

  • Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight: two 20 year olds who know each other from way back in the day, play the same position in the same division, and have a nice little rivalry going. I like it!