Don't Get Between David Stern and His Good Deeds

From Jeff Duncan in today's Times-Picayune:

Above all things, Stern is a man of action.

You aren't regarded as "maybe the most influential commissioner in professional sports history," as Phoenix Suns General Manager Steve Kerr recently called him, without drive or the ability to get things done.

A fresh-faced female relief worker discovered this the hard way at Laurel Elementary School on Friday. Midway through a pep talk to her team of 50 or so volunteers that by happenstance included Stern and a cadre of NBA and corporate executives, the pony-tailed college student was abruptly interrupted by an impatient voice.

"C'mon, let's get to work," Stern blurted good-naturedly from the circle of red-shirted workers. "We got the spiel downstairs."