Kurt Thomas, not Ron Artest, to the Spurs

Kurt Thomas is the newest San Antonio Spur, in a deal for Brent Barry, Francisco Elson, and a first-round pick.

In some corners, that package had been rumored to be headed to Sacramento, instead of Seattle.

Respected Sacramento Bee writer Sam Amick reported hearing talk about Artest-to-San Antonio much of today. But, clearly, that turned out to be false.

So, where would such an idea come from? Why would anyone leak such a story?

There are a bunch of possibilities. Maybe it really was close to happening. Maybe it was some kind of miscommunication.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's a Sacramento ploy to make Ron Artest seem like a hot property. Amick is one of several saying that the Kings are trying to convince the Nuggets to sweeten their offer for Artest with Linas Kleiza -- and a Spurs team eager for Artest might have pushed that process along.