Trade Deadline Fun

There is a ton of trade information out there. The best of it I have seen -- comparing what is published to what I have heard from sources -- is right here on ESPN.com. I'm not saying that because I am some homer. I really mean it. And it's getting updated so fast it could make your head spin.

A few points:

  • Remember Brian Windhorst talking about some kind of blockbuster trade that they are working on in Cleveland? ESPN's Marc Stein is among those now talking about some variation of Ben Wallace, Chris Duhon, and Joe Smith going to Cleveland for Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, and parts. There is also much talk of Cleveland trying to get Wally Szczerbiak. I believe both stories to be credible. Read Stein's updated story for more on practically everything.

  • It has also been suggested to me that whether or not Cleveland makes either of these deals, there's pressure on the Cavaliers to look like they're trying hard. For ages everyone has wondered when LeBron James was going to get some help. And it has been a long time since there was a major change in Cleveland's roster. The front office can't be seen -- by fans, or by LeBron James -- to be idle. In his latest blog entry, the Akron Beacon-Journal's Brian Windhorst seems acutely aware of this perception: "As a Cavs fan what you need to know is that the front office is honestly looking at trying to make a deal to improve the team. That is the real reason why I decided to write the story about them considering a major deal. They are not simply standing pat as I hear them often being accused of. And not just for the top available players in the Jason Kidd/Mike Bibby class. They are trying to get creative and trying to balance out the short term and long-term benefits."

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer's David Aldridge was talking about Shawn Marion's being on the market, but after a phone call from Marion's agent, Dan Fegan, Aldridge is not talking about that any more. I respect the honesty in how he handled that.