Tuesday Bullets

  • The Knicks take one on the chin from the comic book world.

  • If a love of catfish were ever to get a player ejected, it might happen like this.

  • Noodling with historical MVP votes to determine that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar might have been the most consistently great player in NBA history.

  • Seattle fans are on edge. Need proof? From one Sonic fan a sneak preview of the comedy "Semi-Pro" was all it took to inspire thoughts of pranks, violence, and the solace of the bottle. On that note, Save Our Sonics has released a whopper of a letter. They wrote it to every owner on the Board of Governors. It takes a couple of cheap shots, but all in all it's a pretty devestating account of what has happened to Sonic fans, and it's surely must-read for anyone following the story of the Sonics.

  • DeShawn Stevenson hit the big shot last night. Ron Hitley of Hornets 247 (PG-13 -- language) writes: "Final score was 95-92, with Stevenson's pull-up three from the wing proving to be the difference. He was on fire all night. Morris Peterson couldn't stop him, Mike James couldn't stop him, not even the buzzer could stop him. Dude dropped a career-high 33 points on 11-21 shooting. Good game, kid. Mo-Pete got creamed on what I believe was a Brendan Haywood screen near mid-court on that last play. Solid pick. Peja Stojakovic came over to try challenge the final shot, but seemed to forget to put his hands up."

  • Mike Moreau knows basketball, and writes the state of the union for the "the Nuggets are broken" crowd.

  • Needing to motivate young people in Ohio, Barack Obama reached out to a certain Ohio State legend, Greg Oden. Oden blogged about their phone call: "The conversation was quick -- like two minutes but I got to talk to him like a real person. What I got from talking to him is that he is a real sports fan and he knew about the Blazers. He said that when I come back Brandon, LaMarcus and I will be a force next year. He also asked me about my knee, and he said he wasn't feeling my mohawk -- lol. I laughed and explained to him that it's just a haircut to me and he told me he liked how I handle myself as a young man -- 'Thanks Mom.' I did not talk politics with him. He talks about that stuff all the time and I'm going to keep learning more about the issues. He is a very nice man and I am a big fan."

  • Baron Davis's fakes work pretty well in the NBA, but they worked even better in college.

  • A little PG-13 for language, here's some video of Zach Randolph starring in one of the worst possessions in basketball history.

  • Can Udonis Haslem and Shawn Marion play together? Ira Winderman says neither is much of a scorer, but I bet both would dispute that, as they can, on good nights, make you pay for leaving them open.

  • Gilbert Arenas reviews all the recent trades, and backs off some of his earlier comments about Jose Calderon.

  • ClipperBlog sends off Sam Cassell: "If Sam didn't play professional ball, you just know he'd be the self-appointed mayor of the pickup game down at the Y. After the gym closes, he'd be the guy who spends the next hour in the parking lot breaking down exactly what happened on the court. It's that great cliché of sport: Sam Cassell would do it for free. Though it was a fleeting moment in the larger history of this franchise, the Clippers were beneficiaries of Sam's infatuation with the game. That's worth something."

  • Count Mark Cuban among those who does not love the NCAA: "At some point, hopefully someone will spend the time to put together sports alliances completely outside traditional high school and college ruling bodies that will allow students to be passionate and work hard for their dreams both on the court and field and in the classroom. Which is exactly what happens overseas in most sports. The supremely talented and promoted can still prosper in the current system, but for those who are willing to make up for whatever they may lack in natural gifts with hard work, and good tutoring, the NCAA doesn't make dreams come true, they do their unknowing best to kill dreams. Coach Sampson deserves his share of the blame, and he is accepting the consequences. When are we going to realize that the NCAA deserves more than its share of blame. They are dream killers, not enablers."

  • Turns out maybe this won't be the year Tracy McGrady breaks the post-season curse.

  • The Suns seem to think they have a shot at Brent Barry.