How's Stephen A. Smith Doing?

Stephen A. Smith's new ESPN show has been on for a week or so, and the New York Post's resident crank Phil Mushnick is already getting the feeling Smith just doesn't have the knowledge to be a high-profile expert on every sports topic under the sun (Mushnick's most damning piece of evidence: last year Smith reportedly said on the air that some NFL team should have tried a field goal on third down, so that if they missed they could try again on fourth down.)

You kinda feel sorry for Smith, that ESPN would appoint someone to do this to himself in such full and endless view. But ESPN has chosen Smith as a first-string, all-day, every-day noise-maker, sports expert and TV star. Why? Got me. Sure, ESPN isn't into sports that much, anymore, and, apparently, neither is Smith, but still . . .

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