Kevin Durant vs. Hero Ball

With his scoring title, his sweet shooting touch and his incredible ability to score while heavily covered, Kevin Durant might be the world's favorite Hero Ball player. But, whether he's sticking to the team script or speaking from the heart, Kevin Durant talks like a man who wants no part of that contest -- and he specifically talks about the value of hitting the open role player. Speaking to reporters on Monday, he said:

When I watch Finals, it was always guys like Robert Horry hitting big shot, Derek Fisher hitting big shots.

It wasn't really one-on-one against any of those top players. Guys off the bench came in and contributed, and that's what I remember. I remember a team against a team. It was never you just get the ball to your best players and have them go one-on-one. It was rarely about that.

That's what I know about this game. It's a team game and the best team is going to win.