David Stern on SuperSonic potential

On Tuesday in Oklahoma City, before the former Supersonics won Game 1 of the Finals, NBA Commissioner David Stern addressed the potential for an NBA team returning to Seattle. The two obstacles are huge, as the city has a potential NBA owner in hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen, but still lacks both an appropriate stadium and an available team.

But Stern spoke in tones that seemed to indicate some degree of potential:

I had a visit from the mayor, Mayor (Mike) McGinn was it yesterday? It was yesterday. Seems a long time ago.

Yesterday he was in, and he explained to us they have a place that is zoned for an arena, that the land has been purchased by the party who wants to both put an arena there and buy a team, and he's securing the support of the Seattle City Council and the King County Council, and it is their hope that if there is a building going up and there is a team available that they would float bonds to support the team, the bonds would be repaid by the additional revenue that would be generated by the arena that would be built otherwise with private funds.