Possible Western Conference Finals Preview Tonight

A few days ago I imagined the playoffs. I looked at all the seedings in the West and took my best guess at who would win each series.

Of course, a few days ago the standings were totally different.

But at that time, my best guess was that the Lakers and the Jazz would meet in the Western Conference Finals.

And those two are gearing up to play each other tonight.

The man in the eye of that storm is Ronnie Brewer, who gets to try to slow down Kobe Bryant. Steve Luhm of the Salt Lake Tribune says Brewer is ready to unleash his inner Battier:

At the Jazz's practice on Wednesday morning, I asked him how a young player tries to guard Bryant.

"You've got to get to him early, make him take tough shots," Brewer said. "I was watching when they played the Rockets [on Sunday], when [Shane] Battier was being real physical with him -- getting a hand in his face on every shot. That's what you try to do."