Tex Winter Knows Basketball

The godfather of the triangle offense, Oregon's own Tex Winter knows basketball, and it looks like he'll be back at work in the NBA for the 60th season of his extraordinary basketball career. Phil Jackson has reportedly convinced Winter to hang around the Lakers at least one more time.

The Oregonian's Brian Meehan takes a look at Winter's career, and shares some wisdom from the man Phil Jackson has called "the voice of the basketball gods."

...if he were to list his favorite players, Steve Kerr would top a list that includes Craig Hodges and John Paxson.

Winter spent last season watching three NBA games a night at his home in West Salem. He loved watching the Suns run the break. He said Manu Ginobili is the league's most exciting player and that Dwyane Wade is the best all-around guard.

"He reminds me a lot of Jordan," he said.

Winter's frame of reference is shaped by decades and decades in the game. With 59 years in the business, Winter has coached 10 years longer than even the legendary Allen. He has played for and coached Hall of Famers and will again next season.

And if Tex Winter isn't installed with them in the Hall of Fame one day soon, they should pack up the peach baskets in Springfield.