You Can Not Beat Mark Madsen

Mike Trudell of Timberwolves.com interviews Al Jefferson. One topic they cover is Jefferson's teammate Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen. Madsen is famous as a bench player on title-winning Laker teams (and, I guess, for this dance).

Well, I was going to ask you who's funnier: Your favorite actor Eddie Murphy, or Mad Dog?
I have to go with Eddie Murphy, but Mad Dog is crazy. He'll surprise you. He'll say something and you're like 'Wow, that's Mad Dog!' Every time someone makes a joke on him, he can reverse it. Every time.

How many times has Dog mentioned his two championship rings to close an argument?
Oh man. (Thinking). I've heard it probably, 25 to 40 ... thousand times.

Basically, any time you start with him on something, and he doesn't have a comeback, it's ring time.
Yes. But he's got something a lot of people don't have.

No doubt about that. But be honest with us ... You can't take Mad Dog 1-on-1.
I am really scared of Mad Dog 1-on-1. I wouldn't want to play Mad Dog if I had to. Now, we've played, but ... I'm very scared of Mad Dog 1-on-1.