Allan Houston in Phoenix, Doing ... What Exactly?

This afternoon there was all kinds of chatter that Allan Houston was working out for the Phoenix Suns. Could it be a comeback? Could that vaunted Phoenix medical staff restore Houston like it has Amare Stoudemire, Grant Hill, Shaquille O'Neal, and others?

It's intriguing. Phoenix has roster spots. And you know Houston wants to come back; just last fall, Houston was working out for NBA teams, trying to make a roster.

The Suns would be the perfect team. They love shooters, and they know how to get old guys into playing shape. Not to mention, Houston has plenty of connections to the team. Suns assistant coach Alvin Gentry is Houston's former coach, Suns executive Mark West is a former teammate, and Grant Hill is a close friend.

So, after several people saw Houston working out at the team's facilities in Arizona, can we deduce that Houston is on a path to become the newest Sun?

According to Julie Fie, Phoenix's Vice President of Basketball Communications, there is not much to get excited about.

"He was here hanging out with Grant," she explains. "And he decided to work out, instead of just sitting. But we didn't work him out. He wasn't working with the coaching staff or anything. He just decided to exercise."