Charley Rosen vs. Wilt Chamberlain

The FOXSports columnist squared off against Chamberlain in a sweaty late-night New York gym many years ago. Even though he was apparently drunk, was still wearing his long pants from the street, and wasn't in the mood to play hard, Chamberlain still managed to block Rosen's shot so hard that it bounced off Rosen's head and knocked him to the floor before caroming out of bounds.

There's also a nice detail about Chamberlain's posse:

Wilt was wearing a silk shirt, a gold medallion on a thick gold chain, non-descript black pants and, on his bare feet, tasseled black loafers. Walking behind him in single file were four beautiful women one carried a pair of huge sneakers, another had a towel draped around her shoulders, a third toted sweat socks, and the fourth had a small bottle of cologne.

Why use a gym bag when you can have a beautiful woman carry each individual item?