Late Wednesday Mini-Bullets

  • TrueHoop has had many posts through the years questioning the ban of high-schoolers from the NBA. Here's an article along those lines from Brandon Hoffman on RealGM: "Mike Dunleavy, son of a long-time NBA head coach Mike Dunleavy Sr. played three years at the University of Duke, the best college basketball program in the nation. 'It sounds silly to say the college game isn't good for guys, but there may be some truth to it,' Dunleavy said. 'If you're good enough to play 10 to 15 minutes a night and practice every day, you'll get dramatically better being in the NBA compared to staying in school.'"

  • Mark Cuban on Blog Maverick: "If it were up to me, I would raise the age limit to 22 or when your class graduates from college. Just as we do with International Players. Why? It's not because there are not 18 or 19 year olds who can't play in the NBA. There always have been, and there always will be. Doing what is right for the NBA is about far more than basketball talent. My logic is simple. If a kid is NBA ready to play at 18 or 19, he will be NBA ready at 22. They don't forget how to play basketball and they don't get worse. What does change considerably between the ages of 18 and 22 is the maturity level of the kids. Ask any 22 year old in college if they are more 'worldly' and better prepared to deal with life post college than they were when they were 18 or 19."

  • Bulls fans imagine a better world with Andres Nocioni in Memphis.

  • ClipperBlog's Kevin Arnovitz: "If you were to design an NBA team -- a realistic composition ... not Paul-Bryant-James-Howard-Duncan -- what would you want? Maybe two premier scorers who both demand a double-team? One, a prolific wing with good size; the other a wicked penetrator with a devastating first step who can also shoot. Throw in a center who ranks as one of the best shot blockers and help defenders in the league -- and also has a nice 17 foot set shot. For good measure, let's also include a brawny post defender who does admirable dirty work. And a capable bench that includes another scorer, a pesky defender who can cover bigger guys, and a big man who can shoot from the outside. Absent a show-stopping PG, that's the definition of a quality NBA team. So why is Denver in danger of missing the postseason."

  • From the Sports Illustrated vault: Jack McCallum quotes Michael Jordan about how to stop Michael Jordan: "'If there's a pattern in some of the teams that stop me,' says Jordan, 'it's that they make me play defense against a big, physical guard who runs off picks. Washington has Jeff Malone. Dallas has Rolando Blackman. Seattle has Dale Ellis. I can't post these guys up that easily because they're as big and strong as I am. I know Malone's not supposed to be a good defensive player, but he comes after me."

  • Kevin Durant is a top crunch time scorer.

  • One of the biggest names, in terms of basketball marketing, to come out of college this year is Candace Parker, who was just the top overall pick in the WNBA draft. Just got a press release saying she has signed with Goodwin Sports Management, and I bet they end up getting her some big endorsement deals.

  • Nick Fazekas, make sure your agent and your GM both get copies of this.

  • Time to get yourself a Baron Davis beard.

  • Vince Carter talks about the importance of non-stop effort. Raptors fans will see irony there, but I guess we also have to allow for the notion that people mature.

  • The Grizzlies are also talking about the importance of using the "who cares anymore" part of the season to set a tone for next year."

  • The Raptors are a team that loves the jumper. But they don't have a shooting coach anymore, and here's the case that could be a problem.

  • The Jazz are undefeated when this list of referees are working. The sample size is tiny, though: you could probably find a similar list for every winning team.

  • Lamar Odom knocks down Brandon Roy, and watch Blazers Travis Outlaw and LaMarcus Aldridge try on their hombre hats.