William Wesley on the Air

This afternoon, for the first time in nearly a decade, William Wesley will be on the air, talking on the record to the public.

Radio host Rick Bozich will be doing the interviewing, and writes on his Courier-Journal blog:

On Thursday, around 1:40, new Indiana University coach Tom Crean will join me. Later that day, I'm hoping to have former U of L stars Billy Thompson, Kenny Payne and Milt Wagner, along with their friend William Wesley, a guy that the New York Times called the most powerful man in basketball on Saturday.

Those players won a national title over Duke together in 1986, and Bozich was there then and is still covering Louisville now.

Should be interesting.

Wesley, a childhood friend of (Dajuan Wagner's father) Milt Wagner, was reportedly around that Louisville team for years. I'm hoping we might learn a little bit today about what his role was.