Who said that? Rookie edition

As selections were made in Thursday's NBA draft, rookies met the media, and had a lot to say. Here are ten quotes from ten top NBA rookies. See if you can figure out who said each one.

Answers at @TrueHoop on Twitter.

  1. "All the talk about my not playing hard is going to be put to rest immediately." Answer.

  2. "Grew up with my mom and by brother and I, and not a lot of money sometimes. Some hardship. It was tough. But it also make me grow into a young man at an earlier age." Answer.

  3. "I'm comfortable in those situations. I don't play to fail. I just play to win." Answer.

  4. "I'm excited to play alongside my brother. I've known him for six or seven years, and we have been texting and talking forever. He was the first person that greeted me off the stage." Answer.

  5. "I'm not the type to go curse my teammates out. I'm the type to pull them aside." Answer.

  6. "I tried to sleep. Couldn't sleep. Couldn't eat lunch. We had lunch with the commissioner. Couldn't eat lunch. I was just anxious. Just ready. I kept looking at my suit, putting it on. Had it on one time before that and took it back off." Answer.

  7. "I'm ready to lead the team. I'm ready to lead the team." Answer.

  8. "I'm not letting nobody relax. It's not cool to lose." Answer.

  9. "That was one of the reasons I competed in Chicago [at pre-draft camp] both days. I think competing in Chicago and showing teams that I will go against whoever, and I played well." Answer.

  10. "Honestly, this is my first job." Answer.