No Bluffing: Nets Rescind Trade

Wow. I am shocked. But the Nets have just announced that they have rescinded the trade for Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

UPDATE: The story makes more sense when you see that the Nets have traded for Marc Jackson of the Philadelphia 76ers. (Thanks for the heads up Scotty--I was out to dinner!)

Now this is all pretty clear to me: it's about money. The Nets owner Bruce Ratner has been kind of a tightwad before. With Kidd, Carter, Jefferson etc, this team has a high payroll already yet they have never had a lot of income from tickets or TV deals. They could hardly sell out the NBA finals at the Meadowlands. They have a dwindling fan base with apathetic Nets fans ticked at the impending move to Brooklyn. And Abdur-Rahim's $38 million was going to put the team into the salary stratosphere, with only a fair chance at staying healthy. I bet the decision to rescind the trade came from Ratner, just like the decision to trade Kenyon Martin. Because Rod Thorn has proven time and again that he is pretty much a genius. He wouldn't have bungled this so badly on his own. No way.