Episode 4: Tales from "Dream Team"

Jack McCallum has a certain way of telling a story. He doesn't skip the juicy stuff, but he doesn't get hysterical about it either. He is also forever on the lookout for funny, poignant and delightful NBA moments, which he hoards in his notebook and then, now and again, assembles in a book.

One of my favorite reads was McCallum's book about his season with the Phoenix Suns. The news, however, is that McCallum was similarly embedded with what is widely believed to be the best basketball team ever assembled, the original 1992 Dream Team of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird et al. As they assembled, prepared and eventually cruised to gold in the Barcelona Olympics, McCallum was there, scribbling notes.

"Dream Team," is a fascinating and fun read, with all kinds of new insight into the key Dream Teamers. The book is on sale now.