Brendan Haywood on Mike Brown and LeBron James

Wizards' Center Brendan Haywood -- who reportedly will not be suspended for fouling LeBron James -- from Dan Steinberg's DC Sports Bog:

You know, any time LeBron gets touched, Mike runs out there like LeBron got shot or something. Calm down Mike. It's not that serious. We're not trying to take him out. It's all within the confines of the game. I don't see how coaches should be running out on the court like that anyway. Isn't there a coach's box? Since we're talking about the confines of the league rules, he shouldn't be out of the box.

You [Ivan Carter] have been covering me for how many years? I mean, it's not like I'm a guy that takes guys out. I've been criticized normally for NOT fouling, right? This is actually different ground for me. That's one of those things that was really bang-bang, I didn't see him till the last minute, and I was just trying to make a play on the ball. ...

If you go out and try to foul him lightly, he's gonna score the basketball. There was nothing malicious. Actually I apologized to LeBron James. I didn't mean to hurt him. It's not one of those type of things. It's one of those things, I've been instructed to give him hard fouls so he's not to get highlight dunks in the half-court, so I've got to do what my coaching staff tells me to do if I'm gonna stay out there on the court.