Jay Mohr: Hawks and Raptors Don't Fly

Actor/comedian Jay Mohr is no sportswriter, but he plays one on SI.com.

His fill-in gig includes some digs at two of the East's sorrier franchises:

The Atlanta Hawks have the best team Web site I've come across. It features 3-D imaging of where your seats will be. The problem with such a feature is that the photo of the empty Philips Arena featured on the site looks eerily similar to the empty Philips Arena seen during SportsCenter...If you click on the link for the Hawks' gift shop, you'll find a golf towel you can purchase for eight bucks. I wonder if the Atlanta players get discounts? We all know come playoff time they will be playing plenty of golf...

The lead story on the Toronto Raptors' Web site is the release of the 2005-06 schedule. The first paragraph of the story suggests now would be the perfect time to secure your Raptors season tickets so you can watch such exciting young stars as Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison. Both gentlemen play for the Washington Wizards.

Here's the Raptors story he was talking about.