The New Sports Illustrated

Just got the new Sports Illustrated. Here are some highlights:

  • Asked why he shoots so many threes, Antoine Walker said "because there are no fours." Wittiest thing I can ever remember a player saying.

  • There's a mention that on Tuesday 8/16 at 10 p.m. PBS will be showing Hardwood. It's a fantastic and touching documentary about growing up as the son of a Harlem Globetrotter. I have seen it on DVD and wholeheartedly recommend it. Set your Tivo now.

  • We learn that half of the WNBA's coaches are former NBA players.

  • The inside scoop (from Lang Whitaker) on why the Orlando Magic's top pick departed for Spain. The answer has a lot to do with money.

  • Bill Bradley talks about his new talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Grant Hill has been a guest. Bradley says he's opposed to the three-point line, by the way.

  • There's a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how Larry Hughes intended to stay with the Wizards, and in the end they offered more than anyone else--but he became a Cavalier anyway. As Ian Thomsen reports, Washington GM Ernie Grunfeld opened the negotiations $18 million below where he was willing to go, which forced Hughes to start shopping. Then Grunfeld brought in the big offer only after Hughes and Cleveland had become all excited about each other.

  • At the moment there's an incredible NBA photo here, showing Atlanta GM Billy Knight refusing to shake the hand of team co-owner Steve Belkin. Wow.